Financial Assistance

We know that an MBA is often a major financial investment. Because we also understand that every candidate’s financial situation is different, we work with students to design customised financing solutions and payment plans to meet their needs.

More than 50% of ALUSB MBA students receive some financial assistance from the school.

Programme Costs

Below is a breakdown of costs associated with the MBA programme. Travel and accommodation costs are estimated based on average flight and hotel costs—these are not paid to ALUSB.


Year 1: Tuition $15,000
Year 2: Tuition $15,000
Total Tuition $30,000

Additional Costs

Estimated Airfare Per Year* $1,500
Estimated Accommodation Per Year** $630 – $4,200
Estimated Additional Costs $2,130 – $5,700

* The cost of airfare is estimated at $500 per intensive.
** The cost of accommodation is estimated  at $30 – $200 per night


You can apply to pay your tuition in one of three installment options: bi-annual, quarterly and monthly.


2 x $7,500 payments

Before programme start and half-way through the academic year.


4 x $3,750 payments

Before programme start and at the start of each quarter.


10 x $1500 payments

Credit card required for automatic payment at the start of each month

Funding Options

Most students will fund their annual tuition and travel expenses through a combination of sources, including:


The first place we encourage you to look for funding is your employer. Many employers have a budget for supporting their employees’ professional development and are often willing to fund MBA programmes as a means of retaining talent in the organisation. Our Financial Assistance Office can work with you to make the case for employer sponsorship to your employer.


An ISA reduces the tuition that you have to pay during the course of the MBA programme by up to $12,000 per year. In return, the ISA requires you to pay a fixed percentage of your earned income each month for a period of 10 years (120 months) after you leave ALUSB. The percentage of your income that you pay will vary based on the ISA amount you receive.

Additional Funding Options

In addition to Employer Sponsorship and the Income Share Agreement (ISA), you may be able to draw from the following sources to fund your MBA:


Self Funding

We expect you to finance at least a part of your MBA education through your savings and earnings.


Family Sponsorship

Where possible, family support can be a good and flexible option to finance your MBA education.


Bank Loans

We encourage you to explore all options that may be available to you, including bank loans.


Partial Scholarship

We will occasionally award need-based, partial scholarships to a small number of students.


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