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On this page we show you who is in the MBA programme, what we look for in successful applicants and what documents you’ll need to apply.

MBA Class of 2019

The MBA Class of 2019 includes executives, public sector managers and entrepreneurs from more than 15 countries in Africa and beyond.

Countries Represented

Female Student Population

Average Work Experience


We have 3 application deadlines throughout the year to give you flexibility on when to apply. However, we only have one start date each year. Our 2017 start date is: 7 July 2018.

15 January 2018

Round 1
Application Deadline

26 February 2018

Round 2
Application Deadline

16 April 2018

Round 3
Application Deadline


We employ a holistic admissions process examining what the totality of your experiences tells us about how you might benefit from the ALUSB MBA and how you would contribute to the ALUSB community. We place particular emphasis on the following elements:

Work Experience

We generally require that applicants have at least 5 years of substantive work experience.

Leadership Potential

We look for students who have consistently seized opportunities to lead.

Intellectual Preparedness

We look for students who demonstrate high analytical aptitude and an ability to rapidly master new concepts.

Application Checklist

The ALUSB MBA application includes the following elements:


Demographic Information

Tell us about yourself. Brief details such as gender, nationality and years of work experience.



We require two references. One must be a direct supervisor or someone to whom you have been accountable.


MBA Experience

Show us how you would perform as a student. This section requires you to complete two types leadership exercises similar to those that you would be undertaking in the ALUSB MBA. Set aside some time to engage and learn, courtesy of ALUSB.



We require a one-page resume that clearly summarizes your professional profile, career progression and academic achievements.


Undergraduate Transcript

Contact our admissions office if you do not have access to your transcript at the moment.

Note: We accept both GMAT and GRE scores, but they are not a mandatory part of our admissions process.

The ALUSB MBA Class of 2020 application is open

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